What exactly did David say to [REDACTED] in Prometheus?

From the io9 comments:

lightninglouie: My theory is that the Engineers are basically all-powerful Homer Simpsons, all-powerful but basically rageoholics who panic when things are going wrong. I mean, they fly around space in ships that look like donuts with holes bitten out of the side…

Eridani: Mmm, space donut….

lightninglouie: When I saw the disintegrating Engineer plunge into the waterfall at the beginning of the movie, I instantly flashed on Homer falling repeatedly into Springfield gorge.

Eridani: haha, oh man. I can’t unsee that.

lightninglouie: You know the inevitable HOMETHEUS parody on “Treehouse of Terror” is going to be awesome.

lightninglouie: Consider:

The Engineers are bald men with googly eyes.

The ones we see in the movie spend all their time sleeping peacefully or running around in panic or blind rage.

Their spaceships look like donuts (or cookies, like the one seen in the prologue).

They seem to screw up a lot, especially when it comes to running facilities with toxic byproducts.

They really hate miserly old billionaires.

Also: Mr. Burns’ assistant Smithers’ first name? WAYLAND.