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So there was this debate on Cleolinda’s livejournal about if Hannibal would be so cliched as to have satin sheets.  So I asked.

This is why I need to catch up on the comments in my own open discussion posts.

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We are the worst people.



Guys, I don’t have easy access to Twitter at work (I can use my phone, but it’s a hassle), but I have been reading the notifications Twitter has been sending to the podcast Gmail, and I just wanted to say that everything happening right now with the “BEVERLY IS NOT FOR EATING” conversation chain is glorious.

That’d be here.

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Please join us on twitter tonight at 10pm EST/9 CST for the premiere of #Hannibal Season 2!

Livetweeting now is counted towards ratings for shows which is HUGE for us! That means tweets and trending topics can make or break us, so if you can participate please do!

The hashtag for tonight will be #Hannibal, so please remember to use it in your tweets! There may also be a few other hashtags that nbchannibal puts out there, so keep your eyes open!

I will be livetweeting for both the East Coast and West Coast feed but most of the activity will be going on during the East Coast showing. The West Coast showtime is 10 PST. Want to keep up with Tattle Crime tonight? Follow me HERE!

This will NOT be SPOILER FREE, fair warning!

And here’s an incomplete list of fantastic Hannifolks to follow!

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Definitely follow @Tattle_Crime and also Fio on @aMoTPodcast; I’m not sure who all else (in terms of fans) will be livetweeting, but I’ll be gathering things up into one or more Storify posts, depending how much I can cram in. Also, I’ll be on @cleolindajones for the evening rather than @cleolinda—feel free to follow and unfollow that one as necessary (I’ll be there for the Oscars as well).

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  • Question: I really enjoy the recaps and storify you have done for Hannibal. Is there any chance you will collect the Q&A answered during today's #GoneMads event? Or if you know anyone who will? I hope this isn't a weird question. Thank you! :D JaxCat - memorypalaceofwillgraham
  • Answer:

    Absolutely! I put together an “all of the promos I could find” post (mentioned in the podcast last night), and… then another post of the IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS EVE FOR A WEEK festivities on Twitter. I’ll be working the Q&A into one or the other, the way I did the Hugh Dancy one, and I’ll link them tonight after they’re complete. 

    Also, I have something SUPER AMAZING I’m going to unbox today (prayer circle for it arriving in one piece), and that’ll be on it too. 

Photo Set

I’m sure I’ll add things I forgot because I always do, but I think it’s done enough: a roundup of the 13 Hour Devour Hannibal marathon, or at least as much of it as was within my mortal grasp. The Hugh Dancy Q&A is in the first post; various cast and crew wandered in and out as the day went on, and there were a number of behind-the-scenes pictures posted. Also, I am no longer the least bit afraid of wrangling Oscar tweets next weekend, I tell you what.

So… everything okay over here? Seriously, I slaved over ~a hot Storify~ all day, I have no idea what’s going on anywhere else.


13 Hour Devour (with images, tweets) · cleolinda · Storify

I’m going ahead and making the “omg Hannibal marathon livetweeting” post public even though it’s in progress, because it’s already outlined by episode with extras (in a Tumblr-esque reblog format, automatically credited/linked back), and you can read along (while watching the show or not). And here’s the single-page version, although it’ll max out at some point, and I’ll have to split it off into another post or something, I don’t know. Part of the reason this is so interesting to me is the “omg social multimedia experimentation” aspect, so. 


Cleolinda Jones (cleolindajones) on Twitter

In an act of mercy, I have set up a side Twitter for 1) livetweeting 2) with spoilers (although I really prefer to be as vague as possible), to spare people in different time zones or who, you know, don’t actually care about the media event in question. So I’ll be doing the 13 Hour Devour—the parts I’ll be around for, at least—and the new Hannibal episodes from there. The Oscars will probably be over there as well. Feel free to follow or unfollow it as necessary; my usual account is @cleolinda.



Hugh Dancy has a message for you all…

I don’t know that I’ll be livetweeting the 13 Hour Devour thing per se (I worry about overwhelming the non-Hannibal people), but I’ll try to round things up into a few Storify posts, I think, including the Q&A element. And I’ll make sure the single-page versions work.

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