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cundtcake said: Your Prometheus recap was the stuff that dreams and rainbowshits are made of. *handchins* What’s the hardest recap you’ve ever done, besides Avengers?

Heh, thanks. (It is cracking me up that y’all actually want to know stuff about this.) In terms of the ones I posted online, I seem to remember having a minor meltdown over one of the Twilight ones and taking way, way longer than usual to finish it—maybe New Moon? Because I seem to remember Eclipse being more fun with the “Viking saga” stuff, and Breaking Dawn was just so utterly wackadoo that I had no problem with it. New Moon was still nothing compared to the Avengers one.

In terms of the ten I did for the published book back in 2005, they… they were pretty much all like the Avengers one. It was just a circus of meltdowns—although, by “meltdown,” I mean wailing “I can’t dooooo this omg I CAN’T DOOOOO THIS HOW AM I GOING TO DOOOOO THIS?!?!” while drinking a lot of Mountain Dew and begging for deadline extensions. (It took me about a year to write the book.) My idea of a meltdown is pretty fluffy. I think Titanic ended up being the hardest, probably because it was so damn long, but without the deep and abiding fangirl love I had for the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the end of the book. I ran that movie in the background on a continuous loop for three days (and I was never too fond of it in the first place). I am pretty sure I saw it at least 42 times. But there are not (42 x 3.5) hours in three days! you say. No, I did, because I saw it so many times that time and space ceased to have meaning. At one point, I posted a LJ entry that was nothing but a paragraph of “ALL JACK AND NO ROSE MAKES ROSE A BAD JACK,” which I thought was hilarious, but my agent thought people might think I had genuinely lost my mind and made me take it down.


Rose - The Official TITANIC™ Porcelain Portrait Doll | The Franklin Mint 

Oh hey. Either the face sculpt on this doll is a lot better than it was a few years back, or they’re photographing it a lot better.