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Paying it forward to another Kickstarter:

A diverse steampunk anthology from your favorite award-winning authors, including Jay Lake, Nisi Shawl, Ken Liu, and Lucy A. Snyder.

Steampunk is fascinating. There’s something compelling about the shine of clicking brass clockwork and hiss of steam-driven automatons. But until recently, there was something missing.

It was easy to find excellent stories of American and British citizens… but we rarely got to see steampunk from the point of view of the rest of the world.

Steampunk World is a showcase for nineteen authors to flip the levers and start the pistons and invite you to experience the entirety of steampunk.



The information regarding services for Richard “Doc” Nagy (aka Datamancer )

Richard “Doc” Nagy
A Celebration of Life
Saturday, November 30, 2013
3pm - 6pm
McAuley and Wallace Mortuary
902 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton,
CA 92832 
PH (714) 525-4721

Pay respect to the artist you loved. Let his family and friends know you cared and he mattered.

If you go please do not wear a costume or bring plastic ray guns. This is Memorial service not a convention.

If you can’t go and want to do something, here is where you can send letters of love to.

If you have no clue what this is about read here.

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Photo Set


Richard Nagy You know his art. You know him as Datamancer . You know his work if you know Steampunk. He created some of the most iconic sculptures within this artist movement. He was one of the first to do so and one of the best. Richard spent thousands of hours creating some of the most amazing art you have ever been privileged to see. He was completely self taught and he made things out of a love of classic lines and movement. Thanks to the Internet, millions of people from around the world have enjoyed witnessing the wonder of his art. It was featured on TV shows such as Warehouse 13, in books and in numerous art shows across the country and around the world. He worked tirelessly pretty much unpaid to create his work and make it where you could own his talent and use it in your house. You know his work and have most likely been inspired by it at some point or seen others who where inspired by it.

Richard Nagy passed away last week. He was young. He was amazing. He was talented. He leaves behind a lot of family and friends who cared about him. He leaves behind millions of people who his art touched.

What I want you to do is this: instead of leaving thousands of “I’m sorry” comments to this, I want you to do something productive. Something that will actually make a dent in the universe. Richard’s death is not fair. He spent years and thousands of hours on his art and for all that work he never got his due. He was never properly rewarded for his hard work, his talent, and his incredible creativity. So I want you to make certain he and his art are not forgotten. I want you to go like his Facebook fan page . Yes, it probably will not get any more updates, but at least you doing that will help spread him and his art around. If you ever wanted one of his keyboards, go and bid on one of the last auctions of his work still going on With a sudden death like this, every penny helps the family. I want you to try to make certain he and his art are not forgotten as that’s the only thing we can do now. An artist’s art are how they can stay immortal and the only way that can happen is we the living keep posting and perpetuating to others the knowledge of their talent and art. So do not let the world forget about Richard Nagy and his amazing sculptures. That is how you take back and preserve a little of what death has had stolen.

Also, if you have an artist, an author, or another kind of creative that you love, buy their stuff in the moment. Let them know you like their stuff,. Promote them. If something happens and they’re gone, they will never know you liked their art and that is one of the greatest crimes of the universe. Don’t let the world forget about Richard and his art. Never let the world forget about an artist. I’m not going to let you forget about him so do him the favor and pass that along his hard work and talent should have been rewarded more while he was with us. Do not let it fade away and be forgotten now that he has been taken from the world.

He was my friend and one of the most talented people I have been privileged to know and I am beyond mad that this has happened. Do not let him be forgotten, do not let his art fade. -Evelyn was one of the very first sites I found when I started learning about steampunk about 9-10 years ago. He’s one of the greats, y’all.

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Guh, flawless. Non-Westernised interpretations of the steampunk genre FTW. 


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"1926 Staghead guitar" Sculpture/assemblage using antique and vintage found objects by Larry Agnello ©2013

List of Materials: Plywood Guitar Shape • Antique Seeder Gear/Plate • Antique Cast Staghead • Antique Telegraph Key • 2 Antique Telegraph Sounder • Antique Clock Gong • 3 Vintage Gauges • Antique Crank Handle • Antique Hand Drill Gear • Antique Clock Gears & Parts • Vintage Camera Lens and Viewfinder • 1 Antique Resisitor • Antique Sewing Machine Parts • Antique Adding Machine Parts • Antique Glass Indicator Light Lenses • & more

Actual punk may be involved in this steam, I’m impressed.

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Steampunk tarot.  I want it.

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fairphantom: Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


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Robert Cornelius, the original daguerreotype boyfriend. 


1839 self-portrait of Robert Cornelius, one of the first photographs of a human to be produced.

[I don’t know how to explain this for an image description. It’s a very old, degraded photograph of a man from the 1830s with a high-collared coat and windswept hair and a blob that might be a neckerchief or maybe just the ravages of time and he is going to brood the SHIT out of your moors.]

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