@cleolinda: Today show. Man pretended to be a burglar to scare girlfriend & roommates who he knew were terrified of burglars.

@cleolinda: Seems extremely proud of himself on show while video of women sobbing plays, needs to be shot into the sun. As a joke! ;) ;) ;)

@shaeconnor: Does he still have a penis?

@cleolinda: All four of them were there together! RT @Menshevixen: Jesus, I hope she dumped him. What a douchecanoe.

@annejumps: The hell was the point of this bit?

@cleolinda: @annejumps Ann Curry was like, “So you did this. You thought this was a good idea. You are still alive today.”

@GreyDuck: So the takeaway lesson here seems to be, “Ladies, don’t date Trollface.”

@FelicityDisco: That [first] tweet was actually funny when I read it as “burger.”

@cleolinda: TERRIFIED OF BURGERS omg the Hamburglar that would have been awesome