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A Matter of Taste: 049: Prometheus (2012) - The Tragedy of Meredith Vickers, Princess of Weyland Corp.


Cleolinda Jones joins us once again for our discussion of the 2012 Ridley Scott film Prometheus, including the good ideas, the bad ideas, the utterly nonsensical ideas, and the all-around wackadoo nature of the film. Also, Cleo’s going to be at Dragon Con! Listen for details.

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Photo Set



LV-223 Special Transmission ~ Idris Elba as Captain Janek, Prometheus (2012) x

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Blu-Ray extra ties Prometheus to Blade Runner, everyone whines in the comments

Except for a visionary going by the name The Squid:

"No need to cobble the universes together?

Are you telling me you don’t want to see Harrison Ford fighting xenomorphs?”


We are also looking for a tambourine player

@cleolinda: ONE LAST TIME: Prometheus and The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes.

@cleolinda: Have you heard my new band, Prometheus and the Avengers? Our first single is “Treat Yo’ Self (To Some Science) (Smash Remix).”

@cleolinda: Unfortunately, our lead singer is in the hospital with some liver problems and our drummer has a terrible hulkover. Auditions start at 3 pm.

  • Question: Dear Cleolinda, Goddess of teh Interwebs: Imma make you gif sets for every scrap of dialogue from the "Avengers" m15m, and tag them with your name, and send them straight to you to use or delete as you wish, because omg after that amazingness I want to marry that post and have its babies. - killerlashes
  • Answer:

    Why, thank you!

    For those of you just joining us, I put up Avengers in Fifteen Minutes on Monday, and Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes a couple of weeks before that. I really don’t do many of these a year, but I felt like both these two turned out pretty well. Which is probably why I don’t do them more often, because I want them all to be at the Best Effort level. I wrote down a few ideas for Snow White and the Huntsman, but honestly, there’s a SWATH joke in the Avengers one that probably suffices. Same deal with Spider-Man, which I saw yesterday, although I’ll write down what I can think of and see what happens. There’s one for the original Spider-Man in the book I did a few years ago, but it’s hard to find, and I haven’t worked out North American or e-book distribution yet.


(via Prometheus Viral: Good News! Weyland Industries Is Recruiting - Movieline)

The viral teases a recruiting event at next months’ Comic-Con in San Diego and links out to, though the site has yet to be updated with information…. The way this scientist chick talks about Weyland’s envelope-pushing embracing of new technologies makes it sound like the best corporation to work at since Pixar, only with more semi-feeling anthropomorphic robots running around the place making sh*t happen.


What exactly did David say to [REDACTED] in Prometheus?

From the io9 comments:

lightninglouie: My theory is that the Engineers are basically all-powerful Homer Simpsons, all-powerful but basically rageoholics who panic when things are going wrong. I mean, they fly around space in ships that look like donuts with holes bitten out of the side…

Eridani: Mmm, space donut….

lightninglouie: When I saw the disintegrating Engineer plunge into the waterfall at the beginning of the movie, I instantly flashed on Homer falling repeatedly into Springfield gorge.

Eridani: haha, oh man. I can’t unsee that.

lightninglouie: You know the inevitable HOMETHEUS parody on “Treehouse of Terror” is going to be awesome.

lightninglouie: Consider:

The Engineers are bald men with googly eyes.

The ones we see in the movie spend all their time sleeping peacefully or running around in panic or blind rage.

Their spaceships look like donuts (or cookies, like the one seen in the prologue).

They seem to screw up a lot, especially when it comes to running facilities with toxic byproducts.

They really hate miserly old billionaires.

Also: Mr. Burns’ assistant Smithers’ first name? WAYLAND.

@cleolinda: I am completely baffled that someone reposted my entire [Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes] writeup… with links to me and my tip jar.

@cleolinda: AND with the magical anti-theft white font that says “©2012 Cleolinda Jones. Please quote or link back, do not repost.”

@cleolinda: In case you’re wondering how I found these, LJ helpfully alerts you to linkbacks. SO WEIRD.

@alliancesjr: Please specify; they still claimed it as theirs?

@cleolinda: Nope. It even begins with “Originally posted by *cleolinda at *m15m.”

@cleolinda: There’s literally no other post on this person’s journal, so it’s not even a FunnyJunk situation. It’s utterly perplexing.

@cleolinda: Like… do I even bother asking them to take it down?

[I did. “I know this sounds kind of unreasonable, but…”]


[And this one looks like a real person with real entries! But it’s exactly the same credit/pictures/whitefont situation.]

@shaeconnor: Yes. Takedown notice out of principle. Don’t let one site set a bad precedent. :)

@cleolinda: Yeah, normally that’s standard operating procedure for me. It’s also why @foresthouse is my officially designated lawyer.

[This actually used to happen a lot. With Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes, usually. Not sure why.] 

@cleolinda: Believe it or not, people actually have argued and insulted me over stealing my stuff. “Yeah, I did it and you can’t do anything about it.”

@cleolinda: And then they find out that I can and their account wherever is shut down and I don’t like doing that.

@cleolinda: They also find out that you can’t actually “buy the rights” to POTO in 15 Minutes from your cousin for $12.47.


Prometheus Action Figure Series 01 - Set of 2 - The Engineer

Can’t post the picture because I’m not sure if it’s a spoiler, but YOU GUYS. IT IS WILD. THE LITTLEST ENGINEER. WITH AND WITHOUT ELEPHANT SUIT.

(Also, my wanderings on Tumblr indicate that this is far from “the most popular character,” but there you are.)

@cleolinda: YOU GUYS. The Littlest Engineer. I can’t even handle this.

@Scarimonious: !!!! THE CHAIR SUIT ONE!

@cleolinda: Like, the Engineers freak me out but that is almost too objectively awesome not to get one anyway.

@Scarimonious: I totally hope there’s a [spoiler] that can go with the Littlest Engineer.

@Scarimonious: There should also be Evolve Your Own Life sets where you watch things grow in goo.

@cleolinda: Lava lamps like the ones in the urn

@Scarimonious: And if there’s a David figure, there should be a [spoiler].

@cleolinda: I look to Hot Toys for this feature. They really do have the license.

@cleolinda: You guys. I want entire Prometheus playsets, like the Star Wars one this kid I knew had. Prometheus Polly Pockets you can tote around.

@cleolinda: I want an electronic playset where every time you make the David figure touch something it goes DAVID DON’T TOUCH THAT

Seriously, though, I mean it about the Polly Pocket thing.