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if you are only considering movies and not like the sociopolitical state of the world



An Obsessive Chat About This Means War Between Mike Ryan and Movieline’s Alison Willmore

Mike: I felt uncomfortable WAY before that. When Tuck first tracks FDR and Lauren on their first date, I felt weird. Like, “You know, I want to like Tom Hardy. But that’s weird.” Oh, I should point out, Chris Pine’s name is “FDR,” for some reason.

Alison: And Tom Hardy’s is “Tuck.”

Mike: Then again, the director’s name is “McG.”


Mike: If you had to be called one name for the rest of your life, would it be “Tuck,” “McG,” or “FDR?” I’d choose “Tuck.” It reminds me of Innerspace.

Alison: I wonder what it’s short for.

Mike: Tuckolomew?


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@GreyDuck: Dammit. I want to dislike the new Spider-Man on principle, but… that DOES look like it might be kind of good.

@cleolinda: It’s funny when you don’t read the comics—“Oh, Peter’s NOT supposed to be a meebly dork? He’s SUPPOSED to be snarky? Oh.”

@cleolinda: Like, I’m pretty sure New Spidey would beat up Spider-Man 3 Spidey and take his emo lunch money.


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ETA: You guys, I just watched it again and when I got to 2:10 I started crying and I don’t know why. I haven’t had Involuntary Movie Tears since Narnia.

Photo Set

Screencaps from The Innocents, the 1961 adaptation of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. 

Falling within the subgenre of psychological horror, the film achieves its effects through lighting, music, and direction rather than gore and conventional shocks. Its distinctive atmosphere owes much to cinematographer Freddie Francis, who employed deep focus in many scenes, as well as bold, minimal lighting.

I have gotten really interested in the use of shadows and light in movies. I was only able to patch my own viewing of The Innocents together from a handful of scenes on YouTube; I need to get the whole thing. Netflix, unfortunately, does not have it in their streaming library. But in addition to that, I wanted to post all this because it’s basically the epitome of gothic: a young woman creeping around a pitch-black house in the middle of the night with a candle, hearing dangerous things in the walls and looking for secrets LIKE THERE’S ANYTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Image descriptions:

1) Deborah Kerr (the governess, Miss Giddens) in a white nightgown, reading a book by the fire. The left side is a pool of light thrown by a candelabra standing next to a vase of white roses; the right side is so dark, you can barely see the furniture (a couple of chairs, I think).

2) Kerr holding the candelabra in a dark hall. An ornate mirror on the right side; pitch black behind the candle flames on the left. The light on her profile has a really interesting effect, which particularly highlights her I DID NOT EXPECT GHOSTS IN THIS GOTHIC MANSION WTF expression, while her long blonde hair is completely black in the shadows.

3) Further down the hall, which is lined with framed portraits: Kerr’s back is to the camera, and the candelabra in her left hand seems to be the only light. There’s a really interesting effect where you can see the light through her white sleeve and around the very edges of her silhouette, but everything else is dark.

4) A fringed curtain pulled back on the far left, Kerr in profile in the center, and then an open window (French door? Can’t remember). The candelabra lights the wall behind her and is reflected in the many-paned window. I just love the look on her face, which is all wide-eyed and tense and GHOST I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE, YOU BETTER NOT.

5) Dark wall to the left, candelabra in the shadows to the right, Kerr’s profile (expression: HAUNTED HOUSE, DO NOT WANT ) emerging into the light from behind the white door jamb.

6) Kerr, a bright white figure on the left, white nightgown, blonde hair, white face in a high-contrast pool of candlelight, looking up to the ornate bannister and stairs to the right, with some dim windows in the background to give the scene depth. Expression: “That’s okay. I didn’t ever want to go upstairs ever again. I can just live down here from now on. Forever. OH GOD WHY IS THIS MY JOB.”

7) Kerr, a white figure with her back to the camera, going up the stairs, which seem to have two or three levels and may curve slightly, and also, the posts and banisters are all pointy and gothic. There’s also light coming from a large paned window at the top of the frame, which looks more misty and foreboding than helpful. Woman, you live in a house where the STAIRS are gothic. You in danger, girl.