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Books & Cupcakes July Book Photo Challenge

Day Two :: Bursting with Laughter | Movies in Fifteen Minutes by Cleolinda Jones

I don’t know if you all are familiar with Cleolinda’s Movies in Fifteen Minutes, but if you aren’t, you need to be, because they are absolutely hysterical. You can find most of them on her Livejournal site, but this book contains ten others that can only be found in the book, and are basically hilarious script rewrites of top-grossing movies like Gladiator, Lord of the Rings and Titanic. They definitely make me burst out with laughter!

(NOTE: I took this out in the sun to fulfill day two of the #30daysofbookstagrams July challenge as well.)

Aw, bless (and I’m glad you enjoyed it!). Yes, I wrote a book ten years ago, if you only know me from Tumblr.

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  • Question: Have you given up on m15m? I understand if you have, it's so much work and maybe you're tired of it, but I just looked you up and didn't find any newer ones than 2012 avengers and was disappointed. Your commentary always makes me laugh and I remember in middle school showing everyone your m15m prisoner of azkaban and printing it off the computer. It was a prized possession I enjoyed reading at night, - elphabasoup
  • Answer:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was actually wondering yesterday, not even sure why, how I would answer this question if it ever came up. I don’t really have one. In theory, there are movie series I should finish up, but… I don’t know how I would top The Avengers. It seems like a good one to go out on. Given the way my life seems to work, saying “I will never do another” would basically ensure that I’d start doing another one next week; things always seem to go the exact opposite of how I say they will. I don’t know, though—my brain has a hard time thinking in that format these days. I first started doing them ten years ago this summer, after all.

    I’m still on my LiveJournal, about to get back to recapping Hannibal; sometimes I collect livetweets of other shows (I will probably do this regularly for Sleepy Hollow this fall) and a few TV movies. I even have a Black Ribbon short story out in an anthology. I still write things that I hope are entertaining, and I might even find a different way to write Movies in Fifteen Minutes—figure out how my brain works now, if not in script format. Or maybe it’ll start working that way again? I genuinely have no way of knowing.












No, itll sink


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Photo Set

(via Movies In Fifteen Minutes: The Ten Biggest Movies Ever For People Who Can’t Be Bothered: Cleolinda Jones)

NOTE: The cover on the Amazon page is incorrect (old version, different font), for reasons I have never fully understood. The correct cover is the one photographed in the wild, above. (The other cover is, for reference, the paperback edition of the same book, despite the slightly different title.) 

I mention this because I just found out, in the course of writing that previous post, that there’s like twenty used hardcover copies starting at A DOLLAR, and I fully endorse used book = you reading my book, so if you were trying to get hold of one of those, here’s a chance. 

(The subtitle, God bless, was not my idea. I feel like this book is very much for people who can be bothered, particularly as it is a rather overstuffed 400+ pages.)

(ETA: This is also the book for which I, among other writers, was blamed for bringing down Western civilization by ruining the attention spans of the children. If you think I didn’t immediately put “Co-Ruiner of Western Civilization” on my resumé, you are wrong.)



New Moon in 15 Minutes Part 1

IT BEGINS LOVELIES!! It’s going to take some time getting use to drawing Wardo’s hair again.

Once again, words are by Cleolinda you can read the original here.

Gonna be taking this one page at a time folks. Please forgive my handwriting~

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Twilight in 15 Minutes the comic Part 2!
*WARNING some foul language ahead*

Words are all by Cleolinda I take absolutely no credit for them.

I did however draw all this horrible doodles to go along with them.

You can read the original script here.

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We are also looking for a tambourine player

@cleolinda: ONE LAST TIME: Prometheus and The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes.

@cleolinda: Have you heard my new band, Prometheus and the Avengers? Our first single is “Treat Yo’ Self (To Some Science) (Smash Remix).”

@cleolinda: Unfortunately, our lead singer is in the hospital with some liver problems and our drummer has a terrible hulkover. Auditions start at 3 pm.


cundtcake said: Your Prometheus recap was the stuff that dreams and rainbowshits are made of. *handchins* What’s the hardest recap you’ve ever done, besides Avengers?

Heh, thanks. (It is cracking me up that y’all actually want to know stuff about this.) In terms of the ones I posted online, I seem to remember having a minor meltdown over one of the Twilight ones and taking way, way longer than usual to finish it—maybe New Moon? Because I seem to remember Eclipse being more fun with the “Viking saga” stuff, and Breaking Dawn was just so utterly wackadoo that I had no problem with it. New Moon was still nothing compared to the Avengers one.

In terms of the ten I did for the published book back in 2005, they… they were pretty much all like the Avengers one. It was just a circus of meltdowns—although, by “meltdown,” I mean wailing “I can’t dooooo this omg I CAN’T DOOOOO THIS HOW AM I GOING TO DOOOOO THIS?!?!” while drinking a lot of Mountain Dew and begging for deadline extensions. (It took me about a year to write the book.) My idea of a meltdown is pretty fluffy. I think Titanic ended up being the hardest, probably because it was so damn long, but without the deep and abiding fangirl love I had for the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the end of the book. I ran that movie in the background on a continuous loop for three days (and I was never too fond of it in the first place). I am pretty sure I saw it at least 42 times. But there are not (42 x 3.5) hours in three days! you say. No, I did, because I saw it so many times that time and space ceased to have meaning. At one point, I posted a LJ entry that was nothing but a paragraph of “ALL JACK AND NO ROSE MAKES ROSE A BAD JACK,” which I thought was hilarious, but my agent thought people might think I had genuinely lost my mind and made me take it down.

  • Question: Do you still post M15M? Are they on your LiveJournal? - trvllngjwllr
  • Answer:

    I do, once or twice a year for the last few years—regularly irregular, if that makes any sense. They’re still on the M15M Livejournal. The last three were Avengers and Prometheus in the last few weeks, and Breaking Dawn the winter before that.

  • Question: I have two things to say. First thing: Will you do a m15m of The Dark Knight Rises? And I have to say, I LOVED your Prometheus summary. Some of the quotes from that are solid gold. - cloakedman1
  • Answer:

    Thank you!

    I really don’t know. I can’t ever know until I see the movie, sit down, and try. Sometimes I’m not able to work up anything for movies I really actually want to do. When I sat down and decided to do The Avengers or die trying, it took me six weeks, as opposed to Prometheus, which was exactly the kind of thing that works for this, and took four days. I just never have any way of knowing in advance.