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Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht (Herzog-D/F-1979)

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"Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream."

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My random list of favorite costumes

                Galadriel’s beaded dress (25/??)

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"Here are my 10 favorite movie posters designed this year, and with them a note of technicality, as we stand in a rapidly rising stream of movie poster art: While fans, illustrators, independent designers, and print boutiques like Mondo continue to curate outstanding and fun takes on contemporary and classic movies, I happen to be most curious about how and if that sense of artistic daring can be reintegrated into the industrial poster world, to help promote the theatrical (or home) exhibition of new or retrospective releases, and to do so in aesthetically compelling and progressive ways." 

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Costumes for the 1998 film Shakespeare In Love were designed by Sandy Powell, and won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Her gowns from the film  went on to be used extensively in Showtime’s series The Tudors, which recycled costumes from nearly every Tudor/Elizabethan based film and mini-series since the late ’60s.

This heavily embroidered yellow gown was first worn by Gweneth Paltrow as Viola De Lesseps in Shakespeare in Love, and then again in 2009 in the third season of The Tudors, where it was worn by Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves.

Costume Credit: Annette

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"I, too, can command the wind, sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare when you dare to try me!"

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The Hunger Games | 2012 | dir. Gary Ross

The final image of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games took on a very different flavor when it hit screens nationwide March of 2012. Pulled from a revelatory exchange between survivors Katniss and Peeta, it moves from a moment of swelling terror and dread in the face of a familiar landscape made terrifying and alien, to a moment of heroic triumph, in the face of a crowd who does not understand the full ramifications of what they just witnessed. Katniss, a scared child only more scared after the battle is done, has one single moment to appreciate what she has done for her district and for her family. Post-traumatic shock and the cold illusory nature of the Capitol (suggested by her dark reflection on the train wall) only creep at the edges of her awareness.

However, unlike in the novel, we are not only bound to her awareness—and while it may be Collins’ final image, it is not director Gary Ross’.

The film, as it does throughout its running time, moves from that fateful image of their linked hands to a screen. While for Katniss, the Capitol is but a shadow in the face of her district, for the audience, the Capitol is our primary lens. Katniss’ moment of triumph is but an image framed for the Capitol, for us, to achieve the look of a hero and it is being broadcast throughout the districts …

Being broadcast to Snow, seen above ascending to the next stage of battle.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is currently in theaters.

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Costume designed by Gabriella Pescucci for Monica Bellucci in The Brothers Grimm (2005)

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Costume designed by Judianna Makovsky for Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games (2012).

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