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Photo Set

(via Hot Toys : Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora 1/6th scale Collectible Figure)

Note: This is a photograph of a toy, not actual Zoe Saldana.

(Guess who else they’ve got.)


(via Hot Toys Reveals The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure -

You guys? That’s not a publicity still. That’s a doll.


Prometheus Action Figure Series 01 - Set of 2 - The Engineer

Can’t post the picture because I’m not sure if it’s a spoiler, but YOU GUYS. IT IS WILD. THE LITTLEST ENGINEER. WITH AND WITHOUT ELEPHANT SUIT.

(Also, my wanderings on Tumblr indicate that this is far from “the most popular character,” but there you are.)

@cleolinda: YOU GUYS. The Littlest Engineer. I can’t even handle this.

@Scarimonious: !!!! THE CHAIR SUIT ONE!

@cleolinda: Like, the Engineers freak me out but that is almost too objectively awesome not to get one anyway.

@Scarimonious: I totally hope there’s a [spoiler] that can go with the Littlest Engineer.

@Scarimonious: There should also be Evolve Your Own Life sets where you watch things grow in goo.

@cleolinda: Lava lamps like the ones in the urn

@Scarimonious: And if there’s a David figure, there should be a [spoiler].

@cleolinda: I look to Hot Toys for this feature. They really do have the license.

@cleolinda: You guys. I want entire Prometheus playsets, like the Star Wars one this kid I knew had. Prometheus Polly Pockets you can tote around.

@cleolinda: I want an electronic playset where every time you make the David figure touch something it goes DAVID DON’T TOUCH THAT

Seriously, though, I mean it about the Polly Pocket thing.


(via “I am a God! You Were Made To Be Ruled.” | Sideshow Collectibles)

[Image description: On the right side, the Marvel AVENGERS logo in black. On the left side, Hot Toys’ Freakishly Lifelike Loki 12” figure, coyly photographed from behind so that you can see the loving craftsmanship of his faux-metal armor and ram horns, and the real true green fabric of his cape, and his Big Blue Bad Blue orb’d staff, but not his face, because that is obviously the thing you all want to see most. However, to give you an idea, here is his brother, Freakishly Lifelike Thor.]

ETA: Aaaaand thanks to conjurewithlies, you need wonder no more.