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The 1970s saw a slew of excellent BBC costume dramas, including the 1974 mini-series The Pallisers, based on several novels by Anthony Trollope.  Raymond Hughes, who worked on projects such as Doctor Who and Return to Oz, helped to design the hundreds of costumes required for The Pallisers, which spanned many years and the ever changing silhouette of the Victorian era.  The costumes for The Pallisers have since gone on to be used in numerous productions over the years, including The Paradise, The Buccaneers and the Onedin Line.

This beautiful embroidered gown, which appeared in The Pallisers on Susan Hampshire as Glencora Palliser, Duchess of Omnium was used again in 2006 in The Prestige, where it was worn on Scarlett Johansson as Olivia. The gown was eventually put on display several years ago as a part of Cosprop’s Cinematic Couture exhibit.  Photos of the exhibit allow one to better see the incredible amount of detail that went into every aspect of the costume.

Costume Credit: James

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omg, this is one of my favoritest movie costumes ever. 

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Costume designed by Piero Tosi for an extra in L’Innocente (1976)

From Tirelli Costumi

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Eiko Ishioka, incredible costume designer (1938-2012)

In particular, she designed costumes of Dracula (Coppola), the Cell, Immortals,….

More precisions about her work on wikipedia

The most talented and amazing costume designer, in my opinion.

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As much as I love Eiko Ishioka’s work, I’ve never been able to steel myself to watch this. 

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shakespeare in love + costumes
for grumpybilbo

weirdly, shakespeare in love is one of the few films i feel like does a half decent (not perfect, but half-decent) stab at historical accuracy while also going full throttle for just how disgustingly gaudy ‘historical accurate’ should really be.

have you seen their clothing bills the tudors really didn’t do ‘subdued’

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"(Joe Wright) didn’t really want to make it historically accurate, costume wise: he wanted to stylise it. The way he wanted to stylise it was to concentrate on the silhouette of each character and to take an 1870s silhouette, but simplify the surface details so that it really had the architectural simplicity of 50s couture. What I had to do immediately was look at the 1870s shape then strip away all the surface detail and just be left with that pure shape." — Jacqueline Durran, costume designer for Anna Karenina (2012).

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Tauriel - Costume & Concept Designs
The Hobbit: DoS Chronicles Art & Design

ahhh I really like the more feral/mossy looking designs. I really wish they’d gone a little more that route with the Mirkwood elves. 

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My random list of favorite costumes

                Galadriel’s beaded dress (25/??)

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The 18th century costumes for the 2008 film The Duchess were designed by Michael O’Connor.  This embellished peach robe à la française was worn by Keira Knightley as Georgiana Cavendish née Spencer, Duchess of Devonshire, though we do not get a good view of it, as the character is seated the entire time the gown appears.

In 2012, the Danish film A Royal Affair recycled costumes from both Marie Antoinette and The Duchess, a fact confirmed by the film’s director, Nikolaj Arcel.  The peach gown from The Duchess was worn on Alicia Vikander as Caroline Mathilde, and we are given a better look at the detailing on lower half of the gown.

Costume Credit: Andrew, Rebecca

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