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Bits and pieces of what was apparently a Breaking Dawn press conference floated through my Twitter timeline:

@YahooMovies: Michael Sheen on his awesome mustache: “I really don’t need an excuse… I even slightly waxed it this morning.”

@Movieline: “Can you compare Aro to Tony Blair?” “One is a self-delusional psychopath… and the other one is Aro.” Michael Sheen, ladies & gents! 

@Movieline: “It’s a fine line, and I was worried about it” - Taylor Lautner on keeping Jacob’s relationship with Renesmee not super creepy 

@YahooMovies: Taylor on taking off his shirt: “It’s always uncomfortable for me. Cause I’m always the only one doing it.” 

@YahooMovies: Robert Pattinson’s advice now for his young self at start of @Twilight: “Drinking vodka instead of beer.” 



Holy crap, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 actually looks…awesome?

By Meredith Woerner 

It feels so long since we’ve seen any sort of Twilight footage that we can’t even remember where we left off. (Bella and Edward got a domestic partnership approved by Dracula, slow-danced to a cover of “Wild Horses” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and then were sent to the Hunger Games, right?) So imagine our surprise when the sparkly vampire tribe released three new clips from their final movie — and each clip is kind of not bad whatsoever.

Looks like someone let Michael Sheen off the leash. Seriously, check it out, it’s the very first time we’re fairly afraid of the Volturi. Pair that with the crop of positive outpouring coming from a recent Breaking Dawn 2 screening, and we’re optimistic for a good finale for this waffling franchise.


Source: io9updates

(via Hey look everybody, it’s the first trailer to the last Twilight movie)

ATTN TUMBLR: I believe there is a glimpse of Lee Pace in this.


Breaking Dawn: First Images of Renesmee, Vampire Bella, and Lautner on Imprinting - Movieline

“Everyone likes to tease me about it,” [Lautner] says. “Everyone thinks it’s so funny, and I laugh along with them, but it’s important for me to keep in my mind that it’s as simple as a lifelong bond. It’s not nearly as creepy as everybody likes to joke.”

That “everybody” includes Pattinson, needless to say. “Oh, I can’t wait till he has to do live TV,” Pattinson says of Lautner with a gleeful cackle. “Did you ask him if his taste in women has changed? The first scene I saw them together, I literally could not stop laughing. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

This whole publicity cycle is gonna be so awesome.


(via Breaking Dawn Part 2 — First Pic of Renesmee -

What I really want to note about this picture is that Renesmee is like three days old and she’s already up to Bella’s shoulder. That, and she’s staring at the viewer in a blasé, almost defiant fashion, as if to say, Yeah, I’m meeting Wolfboy tonight for a romantic candlelit elk, what you gonna do about it?


m15m: Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes

Casa de Swan

EDWARD: Before I go out to my Vampire Bachelor Party, Bella… there’s something I have to tell you. About myself.

BELLA: Are you… gay?

EDWARD: Subsequent events will prove that this is not the case, no.

BELLA: Are you not a virgin?


BELLA: No, seriously, what, then?

EDWARD: Well… back in the ’30s… I had a rebellious phase where, orphaned by my real parents, I stalked the mean streets of a dark city, to vam and to pire those who would make the innocent their victims, and I brooded over it broodsomely 24/7.

BELLA: So… basically, you were Batman. Vampire Batman.

EDWARD: With a jaunty cap, yes.


BELLA: So are there, like, Victorian strippers in the woods or something?

EDWARD: Nah, just a few mountain lions. Party platter of bear and elk.

A Scene That Must Have Happened




About the Time the Twilight Cast Broke Into a Flash Mob Dance Battle on the Set of Breaking Dawn... | Movieline

“It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” Condon told Movieline. He explained how it all happened.

“In that second movie, as you know from the book, a half-hour of it takes place in this one location, this one field,” Condon said. “We shot there for, when you include the second unit, a couple of months — but the first unit was there for many weeks.”

“When we came to the last, widest shot, with 80 vampires on one side and 27 vampires on the other, I’m sitting up the ladder and suddenly you hear this music — ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).’ And the Cullen side starts this incredible, West Side Story-kind of rumble. The other vampires then start to dance back. It was unbelievably big.”

Who was responsible for the vampire dance-off? “I know Myanna Buring was behind it, and Lee Pace,” Condon said. “There were a couple of others. I should figure out exactly who. But they kept it a secret! They rehearsed this number for a week, and kept it a secret. It was so great.”

@cleolinda: So I pretty much don’t doubt anyone’s commitment to Sparkle Motion now.

@stringertheory: This has confirmed two things for me: Lee Pace IS in fact made of awesome and your Jets/Sharks vampire rumble is canon.

@cleolinda: Well, when you put it that way, I’m just sad the dance-off wasn’t to the strains of “Love Is a Battlefield.”