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The Dark Knight


Batman (1966) - S1E06 - Batman Is Riled

Wait no holy shit the whole thing was a reference to the sixties?!

Well… I mean… the trilogy did end with an absolutely gigantic reference to the “some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb” sequence, so…


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Ben Affleck talks Batman Internet Reaction [X]

Play Batman, they said

It’ll be fun, they said

(I’m just reblogging this so I have gif #5 on hand for future use.)

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[Image description: I… huh. Well. Seems to be a still (rather than a staged publicity photo) from The Dark Knight Rises. The background has pale beige marble walls and floor, not sure what it is. Brightly lit. So here in the middle, coming diagonally towards the camera, pretty close up, is the Batpod. You know, the motorcycle with the monster wheel in front that detached from the Batmobile in the previous movie. And Anne Hathaway is on it. Her hair is pulled back and blowing out, so clearly we’re in motion. She’s got these big black goggles with blue lights at the temples, which—you know, sure. That seems in keeping with the kind of tech in these movies. Then we have… what she’s wearing. I’m concerned. It seems to be a black catsuit, zipping up to the neck, but… it’s kind of baggy, the way she’s leaning over. I’m conflicted because Feminist Me is like, you know, maybe the baggy catsuit is MORE COMFORTABLE, okay, she has MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO than just stand there in a corset and LOOK SEXY. But Aesthetic Me is just kind of sitting here like, but… really? The suit is really plain and kind of doesn’t look like it fits and SERIOUSLY HOW IS A CATSUIT BAGGY? DOES THE DICTIONARY EVEN ALLOW THAT.

I’m wondering if this is the moment where all the fanboys turn on Christopher Nolan. Emphasis on “boys.”]


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It’s a bootleg and may be removed soon. It’s running officially in front of Deathly Hallows. I believe you can see very blurry glimpses of Tom Hardy as Bane.