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Yeah… fuck all this.

Have you ever wanted recognition for loving the things you love? Well, it’s time for you to win some awards.

I’ve never wanted recognition for loving something, no. For hard work, maybe. Simply for love? No. Yeah, I know that a lot of pop culture sites pit shows against each other to get fandoms to vote as often as they can, basically proving whose fandom is the votiest, under the guise of “best show.” Sometimes the results are helpful, sometimes ridiculous; everybody’s got to pay the bills, so it goes. But no one’s ever pitted the fans themselves against each other before. Not like this.

Fans and talent from the nominated shows and movies will be present at Petco Park during Comic-Con, with an awards special to air on July 27 on MTV and mtvU. Awards voting starts today on mtvU’s website, excepting competition in the “Best Fandom Forever” category, which will be held entirely on Tumblr and will pit massive, long-lasting followings against each other.

Let’s not just choose some great things to recognize non-competitively; let’s pit followings against each other. You realize they want you to fight each other like gladiators so they can make money off fandom, right? Make you fight over whose charity campaign (“Fandom Feat”) was more valuable? You think that they gain nothing from clickbait polls that will get 100,000s of hits? That they’re running that ~awards special~ commercial-free? ”Best Fandom Forever”? Get the fuck out of here.

Okay, you know what? On second thought, all of these categories are divisive bullshit (SHIP WARS: THE CATEGORY) except “Fandom Feat,” if you view it non-competitively. For the five they listed—

  • Veronica Mars – fans were successful in funding a Kickstarter campaign to create the Veronica Mars film
  • Teen Wolf – fans raised more than $25,000 to build a wolf sanctuary
  • Community – the fandom kept the show on the air by petitioning for more episodes, while also getting back original writer Dan Harmon
  • Hannibal – fans used their power to get the show renewed for a second season
  • Supernatural – Mischa Collins and the fans of the series created “Random Acts,” raising money for charitable organizations

—pretty sure those can stand as-is. Tell me what your fandom(s) came together to do in the last twelve months, either to help your Fan Thing itself or to make the world a little bit better somehow, and we’ll put together a list of what fandoms, plural, no competition, did. Show-saving, fund-raising, life-improving, whatever it was. Fuck pitting charity contributions against each other, what the fuck is wrong with you. 

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