(via First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel!! - ComingSoon.net)

[Image description: I should probably have a better idea of what’s going on with the live wires shooting sparks and the round, crumpled metal door than I actually do. It is Henry Cavill! In a Superman suit that is closer to the classic red and blue than Brandon Routh’s, IIRC! However it has a funky basketball texture like the new Spider-Suit! There is some partial crouching and leaning forward! Super crouching.]

Additional note: I didn’t really “get” it until I looked at the hi-res. Do this.

Source: comingsoon.net
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  2. carnivaloftherandom said: FWIW: the muscles aren’t photoshopped. I’m half expecting him and Tom Hardy to throw down about who’s more buff, any day now. (Yes, I’ve got popcorn waiting.) :))
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    I have no idea what is up with that odd texture thing it’s got going on, but I’m just glad they’re sticking with the...
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