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If you were on Twitter or reading any blogs, ourself included, during SDCC, you’ll remember that Twixt practically stole the show.  People seemed downright intoxicated by Coppola’s presentation.  Our own David Ehrlich even mused, “In my eight years of coming to Comic-Con, the Twixt panel was probably the nuttiest and most exciting thing I’ve seen.”  But as you can tell from the trailer above, there’s barely even a distant, nougatty cousin of nutty on display.  It’s just…huh.

Of course, at Comic-Con Coppola wowed the 6,000 people in Hall H by showing his revolutionary plan to take Twixt on the road and re-edit the film live for every screening thanks to a seemingly futuristic piece of software cooked up for this very purpose.  And I think we can all agree that is a legitimately exciting idea.  Unfortunately, simply being able to liven up the theatrical experience in unprecedented ways doesn’t compensate for having footage that isn’t, well, lively already.

@cleolinda: Every writer’s nightmare begins at 0:32.

@cleolinda: Also: a movie that dares to show how DESPERATELY BORING THE ACT OF WRITING IS TO WATCH. “The night was… clooouuudy…”

@_abigala: Tom Waits is narrating? Stop making me want to see this movie, Coppola! I’m still apologizing over how much I love Dracula!


@Ceilidhann: Preach it!

@Ceilidhann: @cleolinda @_abigala But Coppola’s Dracula is a great movie! Okay, maybe not great but it’s a lot of hammy fun. Oh, the accents!

@cleolinda: I’m sure SOMEONE in that movie is doing their natural accent, but I’m not sure who it is.

@cleolinda: That was my favorite movie when I was 13 years old and NOTHING CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.

@cleolinda: Also: apparently no one gave a shit about enforcing MPAA ratings in 1992.

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  6. carnivaloftherandom said: I’m genuinely of the mind that Coppola is sort of channeling Corman, and this is only going to translate with the roadshow. The panel was AWESOME. :))
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