[Image description: Look, I know I keep posting this stuff, but I really feel like this movie is either going to be super awesome or… an entertaining failure, or something. This is the guy who brought us Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Come on. It’ll be pretty to look at. Anyway. If you “like” the Twixt page on Facebook, they let you vote on posters. Here are all four, with quick descriptions:

1) Sickly greenish background; tiny “FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA PRESENTS” at the top; “TWIXT” at the bottom in the leafy red font, with Val Kilmer’s and Bruce Dern’s names above and Elle Fanning’s and Ben Chaplin’s below. Bloody handprints on the lower left and right edges. A shadowy Elle Fanning with braided blonde hair (she’s a Fanning; of course it’s blonde), blood running down her face and neck, pauses with a worried expression: “Did I leave the gas on? NO! I’M A FUCKING GHOST!”

2) Same title treatment, except now the actors’ names are in white (title still in red over the black bottom third of the poster). Elle Fanning’s mouth, nose, and red under-eye makeup are visible; her finger is drawing the letter V (her character’s name) on a fogged window. This is actually my favorite, due to saturated colors that are both warm and spooky, and the simplicity of the image.

3) Same title treatment, red title and white actor names. Elle Fanning is wearing a loose white dress or blouse with a pattern of bloody handprints and red leaves that are similar to the Photoshop brushes used in the title font. Her hair is braided and blood is running down her face and neck and she is PISSED OFF because SHE’S the one in all the posters and SHE’S the only one who’s been in a big-budget movie lately and yet HER NAME IS STILL BELOW THE TITLE.

4) DIFFERENT TITLE TREATMENT NOW, THROWIN’ ME FOR A LOOP. This one’s all sepia-tone with the actors’ names across the top and the title still at the bottom, all in a sepia-compatible beige font, garnished with bloody handprints. Upper left: half of the reverse side of a clock, so that all the numbers are backwards; the minute hand is on 10. There are more small bloody handprints on it, so we’ve met our quota. In the middle, Elle Fanning is in the chemise/corset costume from the movie still, and yes, that is a random braid across her forehead. Upper right: a small disembodied Kilmer head with an expression of terror: “FUCK! We’re in an episode of The Twilight Zone!”]

Fact: I had to enable javascript to vote, and the site I had to allow was franciscoppolawinery.com.