(via TIFF 2011 First Look: Pics and Posters from Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Twixt’ | RopeofSilicon.com)

[Image description: Movie poster, a few bits of red on a plain white background. Upper left, a smudge of blood. Across the top: a leafy motif that immediately made me wonder if they were using Designfruit brushes. Right side: a bloody handprint, then a second handprint in the lower right corner. Middle, tiny red font: “FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA presents.” Large, plain red font, with leafy/ferny embellishments added: “TWIXT.”]

You know, Coppola’s the better filmmaker and Ben Chaplin’s the better-looking Poe, but I gotta give it to The Raven's poster on this one. It’s interesting how the both posters have the similar “big white background, classy gore” motif going on, though.

Source: ropeofsilicon.com
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