Please disregard the weird flesh-monster perspective on my hand. This is why I am not a beauty blogger.

The top three are the Aromaleigh Hannibal-themed colors released last week—left to right, Antler Velvet, Sublime, and Perception. The next four, which are on my hand any which way because I came home from lunch, saw that the mail had come, and flailed outside into the sunlight ASAP—are ~previews~ of future colors. The russet brown (bottom right) and the green just above it will come out this week, I think. And the third picture is blurry because that’s the only way I can get the sparkle effect to come through. And none of them are really doing justice to Antler Velvet or the purple below it. But I’m about to flip a coin to see if I want to try Perception or that russet-brown-blue—do I want to tell you the name? Ripper. It’s Ripper. It’s called Ripper. I LOVE IT—first. My real problem is that I’m wearing Zanna today and I don’t want to take it off, and Zanna’s a faerie collection color, Zanna doesn’t even GO HERE.

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