My Inconvenient Life: I Saw "Amazing Spider-Man" Again And This Time I Felt Bad For Marc Webb


Many props to BadAssDigest for their excellent post on “the untold story” of Amazing getting cut from the film.

Go read that first.


Pretty crazy theories huh? I mean, pretty crazy theories that I completely believe because I think Sony/Columbia is sticking it to Marc Webb in a way that…

I saw it on Tuesday, and yeah—read the Badass Digest post, too, that’s where the cut scenes themselves are described. Every time the movie seemed to be getting near something interesting about the Parkers or Dr. Connors himself, that element would disappear or wander off and you’d be left with Peter fighting the Lizard at the high school or whatever. I liked it, but the whole movie just felt really off to me, and I suspect I would have really liked Webb’s original cut.

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    This makes far too much sense....old trodden path.
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    Yes to all this. I enjoyed the movie but kept feeling like there were bits and pieces that never got cleared up, chiefly...
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    Wow this explains a lot. I noticed some of the weirdly dropped off storylines—the SWAT dudes who were lizard’d for no...
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    Well the thing is, he’s kind of a chosen one either way; in the movie we got, he just happens to be special enough to...
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    WHAT okay so i will admit that initially the idea of chosenone!Peter blerghed me out when i saw it in the marketing for...
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    man, if this is true this makes me really angry Damnit Sony, what’s the point of a remake if you barely make it any...
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    I completely agree. During the movie, I was kind of distracted by Andrew Garfield acting the hell out of being a...
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    I agree with all of this.
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    I really, really enjoyed this latest incarnation of Spiderman, though I realize that, not having had much to do with the...
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