@cleolinda: I am completely baffled that someone reposted my entire [Prometheus in Fifteen Minutes] writeup… with links to me and my tip jar.

@cleolinda: AND with the magical anti-theft white font that says “©2012 Cleolinda Jones. Please quote or link back, do not repost.”

@cleolinda: In case you’re wondering how I found these, LJ helpfully alerts you to linkbacks. SO WEIRD.

@alliancesjr: Please specify; they still claimed it as theirs?

@cleolinda: Nope. It even begins with “Originally posted by *cleolinda at *m15m.”

@cleolinda: There’s literally no other post on this person’s journal, so it’s not even a FunnyJunk situation. It’s utterly perplexing.

@cleolinda: Like… do I even bother asking them to take it down?

[I did. “I know this sounds kind of unreasonable, but…”]


[And this one looks like a real person with real entries! But it’s exactly the same credit/pictures/whitefont situation.]

@shaeconnor: Yes. Takedown notice out of principle. Don’t let one site set a bad precedent. :)

@cleolinda: Yeah, normally that’s standard operating procedure for me. It’s also why @foresthouse is my officially designated lawyer.

[This actually used to happen a lot. With Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes, usually. Not sure why.] 

@cleolinda: Believe it or not, people actually have argued and insulted me over stealing my stuff. “Yeah, I did it and you can’t do anything about it.”

@cleolinda: And then they find out that I can and their account wherever is shut down and I don’t like doing that.

@cleolinda: They also find out that you can’t actually “buy the rights” to POTO in 15 Minutes from your cousin for $12.47.

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