(via A New Video Proves the Prometheus Viral is Still Going - ComingSoon.net)

1) To clarify the previous post—yeah, I meant Prometheus, which the internet is so mad about that Damon Lindelof is getting the most horrific bullshit tweeted at him. The characters are too stupid to live and none of it makes sense and I would go see it again right now. A THIRD TIME.

2) For everyone asking why the hell you would cast Guy Pearce instead of an actual old(er) man to play Peter Weyland, this and his previous viral video are your answer. And also, I hear, a deleted movie scene.

Source: comingsoon.net
  1. gorgeousnerd said: I love that they basically hired Guy Pierce for viral marketing. That’s commitment.
  2. perpetuallyfive said: People hate Prometheus? What? I loved it. :\ But hey, I loved the end of Lost too.
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