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[“Love to Love You Baby”] was concocted by an Italian record producer and songwriter named Giorgio Moroder, whose partnership with Summer also resulted in the relentless futurist robo-funk of 1977’s “I Feel Love.” The best dance song of the ’70s, if not the greatest dance track of all-time, “I Feel Love” didn’t do as well on the U.S. chart as “Love To Love You Baby” (it peaked at No. 6), but its influence proved to be a lot more lasting. “I have heard the sound of the future,” Brian Eno famously told David Bowie after hearing the song during the making of the duo’s Berlin trilogy, and he was absolutely right: Club music would never be the same after “I Feel Love,” nor would sizeable chunks of rock music. (Anyone who’s ever been called “dance-punk” owes half of everything they own to Summer and Moroder.) While its innovations have been borrowed countless times since, “I Feel Love” still sounds thrilling 35 years later. 

Source: The A.V. Club
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