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Every time people say animals don’t have feelings, I show them this.

25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

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In case you missed it last night. Salient points:

  • I am the bearer of Tattle Swag
  • I think the fan panel that Freddie will call into is Saturday afternoon (8/30) and the academic panel with wolvensnothere​ is Sunday night (8/31)
  • I am looking into more stuff to give away
  • other people are looking into more stuff to give away
  • I will be there Thursday night and leave early on Tuesday
  • this is so hilariously the opposite of the “day trip” I originally planned
  • other than panels, I’m basically there to say hi and sign any books you happen to have (I am in an anthology currently
  • I mean, I still have that weird “people want me to sign things?” Imposter Syndrome feeling ten years in, but no, it is definitely not weird if you want to come say hi
  • oh shit I was all “I guess cosplay is nice, don’t know that I’ll go look for it” but I forgot about RAVENSTAGS and WENDIGOS and CANNIBALS
  • and as the Tattle Crime representative I will want to SEE YOU
  • (I know I am well-marbled, but please do not eat me)
  • I need a flower crown




I am really, really sick, which is perfectly timed with SDCC this week. Yay! Responses and posts may be slow for this reason, so I am going to try to give you all the info you’ll need for the week to come.

San Diego Comic Con (July 24-27 2014) - My dynamic duo, wendyvanlender and thetuxedos will be at the Hannibal Pannibal (Thursday July 24th from 4:45-5:45, Ballroom 20) so that is going to be your best chance to grab one of our “Don’t Slice the Ginger” SDCC exclusive buttons! They are LE 1000 and they are FREE! One per Fannibal, please!

Yes, I am definitely going to try to call in and ask a question at the Panel, no promises! <3! I also hear that uniquecocktail and willgrahamjournals will be up to shenanigans. Some people have asked me if I am going to do a meetup via phone and I think things are just a little crazy this year, but maybe after the Hannibal panel, if there’s enough interest, we could find a quiet corner for 20 mins or so. Let me know if you’re interested! I will keep you posted about this!

Fan Expo Canada (Toronto, August 28-31 2014) - Canadian Tattlers look out! The lovely JennK will be attending as her version of the Manstag, the “The Well Dressed Wendigo”, and has on hand 100 Tattle Crime business cards! If you’re brave enough to approach you can snag one for yourself! But you have to be alert, the Well Dressed Wendigo will only be there Saturday the 30th, between 11-3 pm, roaming the halls (and maybe stalking some autograph lines). A huge thank you to Jenn for volunteering!

Dragon Con (August 29- Sept 1st, 2014) - I am delighted to announce that I will be on a fan panel (via skype, since I am busy hunting the Ripper this summer but I wanted to be there in some form!). It should be on August 30th in the afternoon, I will keep you guys updated on any the date and time. If you are a Fannibal you WANT TO BE THERE, trust me! I will have goodies for those attending- a Dragon Con Exclusive button, LE 300!- and there MIGHT BE SOME EXTRAS, no promises, but Tattle Crime is working hard to make this a fab experience for those of you attending. I am absolutely thrilled to be included alongside much cooler people (like cleolinda) and I really look forward to answering your questions and talking to you all!

Last bit of bolding mine: You want to be there. You really, really want to be there. 

Also, I will most likely do a Storify for SDCC Hannibal-related events separate from the July digest post, since I’m sure there will be tons of stuff from that. 

A Storify would be fantastic! We can definitely ask if someone will be filming it for those who aren’t attending (still working on that for the SDCC Panel too).

Also did you really just use the hashtag #THE GREAT RED DRAGON CON because really.


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You can have as many French dogs as you like.

—Marie Antoinette (2006)

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That is so adorable.



oh no

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  • Question: I assume no Comic-Con? It's generally impossible to get tickets either way. - astrakiseki
  • Answer:

    Yeah, no Comic-Con—really the reason I’m able to go to Dragon Con is that I’m already in Birmingham, so travel isn’t that expensive, and I’ll have roommates to split the hotel cost with. I’m really, really lucky that I’m able to make this work financially as it is; it’ll probably be a good long while before I go anywhere else. 

  • Question: I've been to dragoncon the past four years and I'm going again this year!! As a longtime fan of yours, I'm super excited to hear that you'll be there too!!!! - quigonjesus
  • Answer:

    Aw, yay!

    I’m trying to keep my plans pretty open—I’ll have a couple of panels, I’d like to drop by the BPAL booth, a couple of things like that—but I so rarely get out that I want to make sure I get to meet people. And I’m an introvert in terms of social energies, so I’d rather have plenty of time to decompress and hydrate and maybe hang out with people than try to cram in too many activities.  

    Also, people on Twitter have been saying they’d like to get me to sign things (NO, THEY HAVE, I SWEAR), so if you have the Movies in Fifteen Minutes book or want to get the Athena’s Daughters anthology with the Black Ribbon story or one of the business cards I’ll have or a nearby napkin or really anything, I’ll sign it.