After consulting the Dragon Con schedule, we have found (I hope) a day with the most people present, and a time with the fewest conflicts: 


1:00 - 2:30 PM: Hannibal Fannibal Panel, or whatever we’re calling it today, with Karen E. Taylor, Catherine Scully, wolvensnothere, tattle-crime calling in, and me. The Westin, 8th floor, Peachtree Room 1-2. WE WILL HAVE AMAZING THINGS TO GIVE AWAY. If you can only get to one Hannibal thing, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. 

3:00 PM: FAN MEETUP. So basically immediately afterwards, with a little time for breaks, those of us so inclined will relinquish the room to the next panel and troop to some other point in the Westin (I will scope things out on Friday); people who couldn’t make the panel itself can join in, etc. WE WILL HAVE EVEN MORE THINGS TO GIVE AWAY. An hour sounds reasonable, but just in case, I’ve set aside two hours on my own schedule for this. I… have no actual idea how this will go, except that Freddie will call in here as well; it may be that it’s more like a party, so feel free to drop by at any point you can. OH ALSO I WILL HAVE THINGS I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SIGN }:D

(I may also go back to the Peachtree Room for the Penny Dreadful panel at 7:00 pm).


10:00 - 11:00 PM: Dream Logic and Murder Wizardry: Psychology and Hannibal Lecter, with wolvensnothere and me. Also in the Westin, 8th floor, Peachtree Room 1-2. This one’s a little more low-key, but I think it’ll be super fun, very podcast-like. 

Side note: I really want to go to Serialized Terror (2:30) and Sleepy Hollow (4:00) that same day, so I’ll be there earlier in the day as well. As far as a panel that late at night goes, I don’t know if I’ll want to pass out at that point or if informally hanging out afterwards might be a good idea; we don’t have anything formally scheduled beyond that, though. 


I really want to go to a Spirit Mediums panel on the Paranormal track (in the Sheraton), and I might have an Athena’s Daughter’s signing (I have no idea when those will be, at this point), but I’m not leaving until early Tuesday morning, and I don’t have much scheduled. If anyone else is also straggling around at this point, we might could (I’m Southern, shut up) have an informal meetup at one of the hotel bars or lounges. I MAY NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN, I HAVE TO MAKE THE MOST OF THIS.

I am actually getting an external battery/charger for my phone, so I will be on Twitter (@cleolinda, then @cleolindajones if I get put in Twitter jail) and Tumblr with updates as to what’s going on, where we’ll specifically be doing the meetup, and so on. If you do have Twitter, that’s probably the quickest way to get hold of me—or check in with Freddie (tattle-crime​ here, @tattle_crime there), back at the Tattle Crime Command Post with actual internet and reception and not wandering hungry and alone in a vast sea of people (it’s going to be fine. It’s going to be totally fine). 

I will try to post sets of pictures rather than constantly spamming everyone, but if you would like to follow or mute all of this, the tag is THE GREAT RED DRAGON CON. Good Cleo always helps, etc. 



Calm Oregon Morning, Sparks Lake

Pentax 6x7 / Kodak Portra 160

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Knuckles, looking dapper in his harness. (4 1/2 months)

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Needless to say, I was very happy when my friend’s cat decided to sit on a glass table.

his paws look sad

Ghost foots!!!

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#DragonCon #protips

12) One safety pin and one length of ribbon — zip your back zippers up all by yourself!

Best trick I ever learned was this one. It makes going to the bathroom by yourself so much easier when you don’t have to do extreme yoga to get everything back in place! You can keep the ribbon in a purse or pocket, or (if you don’t need a super long ribbon) you can pin it inside the neck of your costume until you need it.

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While we’re on the subject of SDCC… I just need a moment to add my voice to the legion of other women who have been harassed at a con.

This past weekend, I was standing in front of the Marvel booth, wearing my comfy sneakers, Captain Marvel running tank, a bomber jacket, and jeans when I had my ass grabbed. 

So let me say this: For all the good that movements like “Cosplay =/= Consent” do, it does not matter what you’re wearing.

I get it. I get that it’s tough to wear a costume around the con and constantly be on your guard. I was involved in not one, but two sexual harassment incidents in one night while in a corset and Roman Centurion-style skirt at DragonCon last year. But you know what I thought was worse about Friday’s incident? It never even crossed my mind that I might be a target. When I’m wearing, say, my USO outfit, I’m on constant alert. I’m mentally prepared to wreak havoc if someone messes with me. But in civvies in the middle of a crowd, I was caught completely unawares. And that messed with my head. 

I also have the added bonus of living in New York, so I go around with my guard up so high, the Night’s Watch would be impressed. I’m completely aware of my surroundings and the people near me on a crowded subway car. But on Friday, I was in a “safe” place: wandering nerdfest ‘14 SDCC with one of my best friends when I got violated by a complete stranger. A coward who saw the opportunity, took it, and got away with it, because he knew I’d never find him in the crowd. And here I am, almost a week later, and it’s still picking at my brain. I’m furious I couldn’t find the asshole that did it. I’m furious I let my guard down just because I wasn’t in costume. 

And I guess what I want people to take away from my experience is this: It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. If some nasty, contemptuous sleazeball has the motive and the opportunity, he’s going to take a chance and get his cheap thrill. And he might just get away with it. It’s not your fault. And while we shouldn’t ignore that cosplayers are prime targets, we also need to remember that there are geeky, convention-going women and girls out there who don’t feel pretty or sexy enough to be targets, but will be targeted anyway. And we need to speak out on behalf of ALL women at any convention, because this is an epidemic that has reached a boiling point, and it must be addressed: loudly and at every opportunity.

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The New NBPA Head Is Not Fucking Around



.. son … 

“My past [ ] is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.”

My. Hero.

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Anna Karina in Vivre sa vie directed by Jean Luc Godard, 1962

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